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Why Chiropractic Care in Allison Park?

hand holding spine modelYou are your own best healer. You are your own best source of health. Chiropractic care at Talley Cavey Chiropractic in Allison Park focuses on allowing the expression of your own innate healing powers. When I think about how our bodies formed, I am just awestruck. A single cell. One. Single. Cell. And it turns into a complete human being with ten fingers and ten toes. It also has two eyes, two ears, two lungs, two kidneys, etc., etc., etc.

All of these body parts are connected to and communicate with the the brain through nerves. All of them. This allows the brain to control and coordinate the functions of all these different body parts so that everything works together so that you can experience health. Or… you allow all of the unavoidable physical, chemical and emotional stresses in life to cause misalignments in the spine that create interference to the central nervous system.

These misalignments cause pressure on nerves and disrupt communication between the brain and vital body parts resulting in symptoms. Once you are experiencing symptoms, you have choice. Medicate the symptoms away or seek and correct the cause of the problem. At Talley Cavey Chiropractic in Allison Park, we help our patients to correct the cause! Schedule an appointment today!

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