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True Health and Wellness

Where can one find true health and wellness? As a chiropractor in Allison Park, I often talk with patients about health and wellness. It is not something that can be found at the pharmacy counter. I struck me a number of years ago when “wellness” became a buzzword, the pharmacies started calling themselves wellness centers. I thought, “What???!!!!??!! How in the world is the drug store a wellness center?” Medications mask symptoms. Period. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t sometimes necessary, but health and wellness can’t be ingested in the form of a pill. In order to experience true health and wellness, it is necessary to take care of oneself. Areas of concern are:

1) the nervous system – extremely important and the most overlooked component of health. The brain controls and regulates everything that is happening in the body through nerves. Take care of the nervous system or the brain cannot properly communicate with the body and the body can, therefore, not function properly.

2) diet and nutrition – eat whole foods, eliminate processed foods

3) exercise – do it. No excuses. Can’t be healthy if you aren’t fit.

4) rest/sleep – adequate sleep is necessary for true health and wellness

5) positive mental outlook – think positively, mental state impacts everything.

Make an appointment to have your nervous system evaluated. Now. Don’t wait.


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