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Pain Relief

Back pain. Neck pain. Hip pain. Knee pain. Shoulder pain. Wrist pain. Allison Park chiropractor Dr. Aaron Prinkey can help with any pain… head to toe.

The focus of medical treatment is to mitigate symptoms. The focus of chiropractic care at Talley Cavey Chiropractic is to correct the cause of the symptom. You choose the approach that you feel is best for you. Before choosing, please consider that ALL medications have side effects. I personally prefer to avoid ingestion of medicinal chemicals that are made in laboratories don’t belong in the human body. Our bodies possess what chiropractors refer to as “innate intelligence” and they can adapt and heal on their own when free of interference. As infinitely intelligent as the human body is, it doesn’t know what to do with artificial substance that are placed into it (we’re supposed to have enough intellectual intelligence to avoid ingesting such substances). Medicinal pain relief may seem like a quick fix, but it doesn’t actually address the cause of the pain and, therefore, doesn’t actually fix anything. Sure, the symptom may be gone, but the problem is still there. Make an appointment to be evaluated, get treated naturally, resolve the underlying cause of your problem.

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