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Health Comes from Within


We are created to be healthy. Our bodies are formed from a single cell. There is an enormous amount of intelligence in the human body. When things go wrong, we need to look to our bodies to heal themselves rather than looking for a medication to take away the symptoms. The symptoms are evidence of a toxicity or a deficiency and if you want to be healthy, you’ll need to figure out the toxicity or deficiency. Covering up the symptoms with medications will lead to more damage, more symptoms and then additional medications. Look to your lifestyle habits, are they consistent with the level of health that you desire? We don’t have bells and whistles going off every time we eat a donut, so that may lead us to believe that there is nothing wrong with donuts. Eat a donut every day for a few decades, you’re certain to see the effects. The same is true with many of the thousands of decisions we make in the course of a single day. If true health is what you are after, you have to think and manage these decisions. Are you eating whole foods? Our diets should be 75% from the vine (mostly vegetables, but also fruits, nuts, legumes, etc). Are you exercising? Are you sleeping well? Are you thinking well? Are you getting adjusted regularly? Deficiencies and toxicities can come up in these areas. Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment, follow us on Facebook and on Youtube.

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